Friday, December 11, 2009

third day's the charm :)

well, today was day three of panties for isabelle. and i told her on wednesday (day 1) that if she made it all day without peepeeing in her panties that we'd go to the store and buy the princess panties we saw. needless to say, wednesday was not the day. she pooped in her panties, and then when we went out to dinner (i know, i know, what was i thinking! *smile*) she peepeed and had to ride home in wet panties and tights, which really upset her. so thursday was better, but not all the way. today, however, was wonderful! we went out shopping and i had not 1, but 2 changes of clothes for her, extra panties and dora underwear just to cover our bases. but we stopped and pottied everywhere we went, and she kept her panties dry all day. so tomorrow while mommy's at work, isabelle will get to go to the store and buy princess panties.

i'm so glad to finally be able to stop buying dora underwear all the time. it was really a pain in the neck. i prefered the dora underwear (pampers) to the cinderella underwear (pull-ups) becuz they don't open on the sides and seemed to conform to her body a little more. sometimes the sides of the cinderella underwear would open on their own, which kinda defeats the purpose *smile*. but, with the dora underwear, she wears a size 6, which they only sell at target. and even when every other size of everything that pampers makes is on sale, size 6 dora underwear is not. very frustrating.

christopher didn't understand the need to call things certain things. diapers were cloth diapers and the occasional disposable. underwear are pull-ups. we started that with alexander, cuz even though he's potty trained, he's a really heavy sleeper and heavy wetter, so he wears "night-time underwear" at night. he's pretty good at naptime, though. but panties are panties. she gets really upset if you call her panties underwear. they're totally not the same in her mind. she loves the fact that she can do it all herself. for some reason, she had a hard time getting the dora underwear up over her bottom. but with panties she's all good. it also helped that we were sick most of this week, so we stayed in the house and she had on dresses. much easier to just pull up your dress and potty. and we had her little potty downstairs so she could potty and not miss her show. oh well. but only pee pee goes in the little potty. poopey goes upstairs in the big potty. mommy doesn't like cleaning poopey out of the little potty, cuz it's icky *smile*.

so we'll see what happens tomorrow with daddy being home. i don't know if he has plans to leave the house, cuz that'll make a huge difference with him and her pottying. he doesn't like to take her potty in a store cuz they have to go in the mens room. i guess it wouldn't be bad if it was like the women's room and was all stalls, but with the urinals, it's a different story. plus the men's room always seems to smell *smile*. well, we'll figure it out.

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