Thursday, February 26, 2009

name change

okay, so i changed the name of my blog. when i named it ds9 (in honor of worf, of course *smile*), i hadn't intended to use it. but now that i have, the name really didnt' reflect the content. so i changed it. i'm just glad i could.

anyway, i have to work today, so i really shouldn't be down here. i should be upstairs preparing for nora's arrival and making sure that kids are ready and getting my stuff together and packing a lunch for myself. i'm just glad that i don't have to drop the kids off, cuz that adds a whole nother level of preparedness. unfortunately, today's the last day for nora probably. it makes me sad, but the only thing constant about life is change *smile*

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

potty training

i don't know who's training whom--us or him. he just refuses to tell me he has to potty sometimes. there have been weeks where for 4 days of laundry i have 15 pairs of pants for him. i just don't know what to do. it's too late to turn back now, and he does really well most of the time, but once he falls off the wagon, he's done for the rest of the day. it really kinda sucks *smile*.

and isabelle wants to sit on the potty. i know it's too early to even think about it with her, but if we could get them both out of diapers soon, that would be awesome. but in the big scheme of things, this too shall pass *smile*

my sitter

my sitter is potentially getting a full-time nanny gig and won't be available for me anymore, which really sucks cuz my kids love her. i mean, there's no way that i can even hope to compete with what she'll be making with this other family, but it was such a trial getting isabelle to like her and now that she does, she's leaving. and i don't know what i'm gonna do without her. i don't need someone consistantly enough to need to place an ad in the paper or anything, but...and the thing that really bugs me is that she hasn't told me definitly that she's taking the job. and she hasn't updated her status on facebook yet *smile*. that's really unlike her, cuz she's ususally on all the time and i haven't seen her on since she left here on monday. maybe she was abducted by aliens or something *smile*. well, we shall see.

i should be upstairs getting breakfast ready for the kids, but isabelle is still asleep, so i've got another couple of minutes before my day really starts. maybe we'll goof off and go to the mall instead of the grocery store *smile*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


so i'm really bad with vomit. when chris and i were talking about having kids i told him that i'm really bad with vomit. i can do poop all day long, but vomit really gets to me. so i'm really glad that chris hadn't left for rehearsal yet when alexander had to "cough". and i'm so glad that we have a garbage disposal *smile*. and i really hope it was just becuz he'd had too much v8 and not the bug that's going around. the last time he was sick like this he threw up on me twice. the only thing i hate more than seeing vomit is being covered in vomit *smile*

Monday, February 23, 2009

what am i thinking?

i love to quilt. it's so much fun. but i'm working on a king-sized quilt that i think is totally over my head. i have a couple of ideas on how i'm gonna do it, but i'm afraid i'm gonna screw it up. it's a big jump from a baby quilt to a king sized quilt. blah. i'm actually on the cusp of having the quilt top together and ready to quilt, and i just don't know what i want to do. i'm thinking that i want to get a quilt frame, but it'll be huge. it'll probably take me another couple of days to finish the top, and maybe i'll have an epiphany by then.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yeah, i'm an idiot

i am truly an idiot and i really need to stop doing things in the middle of the night. i can never remember which variation of my password i've used for everything *smile* doych!


so i really only did this so that i could post on M&M's blogs, but now i find myself wanting to post myself.  odd.  it's like having sex in public but being horrified that people are going to see you .  if you don't want people to see you, don't put it out there. *smile*

of course, since i tend to do a lot of things in the middle of the night, and am sleep deprived since i have 2 small kids, i can't remember my password to get back in here, and it seems to be connected to an account that i don't remember creating *smile*.  oops *smile*.

will anyone actually read this?  i dunno.  my therapist says that i should write things down, though, becuz it's a good way to figure out what i'm doing and where i'm going.  it's almost as if writing it down makes it more real.  who knows *smile*.