Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my sitter

my sitter is potentially getting a full-time nanny gig and won't be available for me anymore, which really sucks cuz my kids love her. i mean, there's no way that i can even hope to compete with what she'll be making with this other family, but it was such a trial getting isabelle to like her and now that she does, she's leaving. and i don't know what i'm gonna do without her. i don't need someone consistantly enough to need to place an ad in the paper or anything, but...and the thing that really bugs me is that she hasn't told me definitly that she's taking the job. and she hasn't updated her status on facebook yet *smile*. that's really unlike her, cuz she's ususally on all the time and i haven't seen her on since she left here on monday. maybe she was abducted by aliens or something *smile*. well, we shall see.

i should be upstairs getting breakfast ready for the kids, but isabelle is still asleep, so i've got another couple of minutes before my day really starts. maybe we'll goof off and go to the mall instead of the grocery store *smile*

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