Thursday, June 18, 2009

where did the time go?

i didn't sleep well last night, for a variety of reasons, and in the middle of the night i ended up down here on the computer looking at pictures of my kids just wondering how they grew up so quickly. here's an example:
this is alexander when he was like 5 weeks old. other than the blonde "highlights" (what was i thinking? *smile*) and fat thighs, i look pretty much the same. then i stumbled across this picture:
same sweater, same child, but how completely different.. he's like a little man already. an actual person with a personality that you can see in the mischevious glint in his eye. how did this child ever fit in my body? how did i ever walk around the hospital with him in my bathrobe? i can't believe he was ever as tiny as the clothes i see that he wore. amazing.

and isabelle's no better. they get so big so quickly. with her it's all about the hair. when she was born, she was completely bald. not even any eyelashes. but now she's got ponytails. and her hair just seemed to sprout overnight. and what a pain in the neck to comb. *smile* it's amazing.

anyone who doesn't realize what a miracle child birth and child rearing is just hasn't a clue. it's so amazing. everyday is something new. i'm amazed every day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

make up and ghetto booty *smile*

so today was the first day that i could wear eye makeup again, and i just felt reborn. how sad is that? *smile* today was the first day that when i looked in the mirror i felt like myself. i hadn't realized how much i "need" to wear makeup. and that's not to say that i don't like the way i look without makeup, but i just look so much better with makeup *smile*. and i saw some pictures of myself without makeup, and i'm always surprised cuz that's not what i think i look like when i look in the mirror. oh well.

but the other interesting thing that's happened to me lately is that i've discovered jeans made for black girls who may have a little extra junk in their trunk *smile*. i don't, necessarily (but isabelle definitely does *smile*), but someone stopped by the shop the other day with some stuff her sister was getting rid of. and i am now the proud owner of baby phat, coogi, and roca wear jeans. and i'm amazed at how they fit and make my butt look. they sell those brands in stores and/or departments that i never venture into, so i had no clue, but they're awesome *smile*. and they're a smaller size then i thought i'd wear. and they're all long enough, since i have a hard time finding jeans that're long enough. i was really excited, even though christopher was somewhat dismayed to find me sucumbing to the peer influence i'm under in my predominantly black salon. oh well. it's not like i went out and bought an entire baby phat wardrobe. free is free and if it fits, even better *smile*. and now i know what to buy for isabelle when she's ready. do they make baby baby phat jeans for babies with ghetto booty? *smile*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pink eye

well, i have pink eye. actually, it's almost all gone, and i only have one more full day of eye drop usage, but it's totally sucked. luckily, i was the only one in the house, or of all my friends, to get pink eye, so i guess i'm not as bad about washing my hands as i thought i was *smile*. especially since i'd had it for 4 days before i went to the doctor. it would have been a nightmare if one of the kids had gotten it. i can barely remember to use the eye drops myself. if i'd had to do the kids that would have really sucked *smile*

but, i love wearing makeup, and i not only haven't been able to wear any, but i had to throw away everything that i had been using since i got pink eye (which i just thought were my allergies acting up *smile*). luckily i had been feeling particularly lazy and hadn't felt like putting on my face, so i'd only worn makeup one day before i realized what was wrong. but i had to throw away my incredibly expensive estee lauder mascara that vibrates and it's totally fabulous. i'm very sad about that *smile*. but i now need to go shopping for new foundation and mascara. luckily i'd decided to use a different brush and eye shadow the one day i did put on makeup, thinking that if my eyes were already bothering me from my allergies, that using my bare escentuals (which make my eyes itch anyway *smile*) would not be a good idea. so i used an eye shadow that i don't use often and a different brush. as christopher says, i'm expensive *smile*

but the last time they were having free gift with purchase, i fell in love with this new mascara from estee lauder that has a little battery in the handle, and it vibrates as you apply it, so that it separates the lashes and makes them longer and thicker looking. i totally love it. but it's really expensive, so i think i may have to go back to max factor for a while *smile*. and i need to find a new mary kay lady to get some more foundation. i had been using something i found on qvc (since bare minerals makes me itch *smile*), but i really like mary kay the best. unfortunately, all the mary kay ladies i know personally aren't selling anymore, so i'll have to find someone on line or something. it doesn't really make sense to pay to reactivate myself and then place a $400 order just to get a $15 tube of foundation *smile*

i've got another day to figure it out, since i can't wear makeup again until friday, so hopefully i'll know what i'm doing by then. i wonder how much it would cost to overnight something from qvc? *smile*