Thursday, June 18, 2009

where did the time go?

i didn't sleep well last night, for a variety of reasons, and in the middle of the night i ended up down here on the computer looking at pictures of my kids just wondering how they grew up so quickly. here's an example:
this is alexander when he was like 5 weeks old. other than the blonde "highlights" (what was i thinking? *smile*) and fat thighs, i look pretty much the same. then i stumbled across this picture:
same sweater, same child, but how completely different.. he's like a little man already. an actual person with a personality that you can see in the mischevious glint in his eye. how did this child ever fit in my body? how did i ever walk around the hospital with him in my bathrobe? i can't believe he was ever as tiny as the clothes i see that he wore. amazing.

and isabelle's no better. they get so big so quickly. with her it's all about the hair. when she was born, she was completely bald. not even any eyelashes. but now she's got ponytails. and her hair just seemed to sprout overnight. and what a pain in the neck to comb. *smile* it's amazing.

anyone who doesn't realize what a miracle child birth and child rearing is just hasn't a clue. it's so amazing. everyday is something new. i'm amazed every day.

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