Monday, July 13, 2009

so close to being done!

well, my quilt is almost done. i can honestly say that i'm about 90% finished, and i'm really proud of myself. it's ginormous! and i can't believe i've done it all myself (with some coaching from my sister *smile*)

originally i wanted michelle to quilt it for me, cuz i just didn't think i could handle a project of this magnitude, and i was really bummed when she said no. but now i'm so glad she did, cuz i'm so proud of myself! i did it! yeah!

anyway, here's some pics:

this is about 75% done. with the kids laying on it you can really get a feel for how huge it is! had to rearrange the furniture in my living room to lay it out flat. our bedroom is directly above the living room, so i knew it would fit there.

at this point, i just finished sewing all of the 8 panels together and had planned to add another layer of batting before i added the whole-piece backing for added warmth. i was hoping to find a long-arm quilting machine to do some additional quilting so that the extra batting wouldn't shift and make it all funky. but then i talked to my brilliant sister and she suggested that i make it a quilted duvet cover which would eliminate the need for additional quilting but would still allow for additional warmth. i was so excited! thanks, michelle! *smile*

and here it is now:

this is the first quilt i've done with a double border. i feel like an actual accomplished quilter now *smile* .

even though this quilt is adaptable for colder weather, i've already got my next one planned, but i may do the same thing with that one so that we have options. with all the work that goes into it, they'd better be used all year round! *smile*

now i have to make a trip to joann's to get cotton piping to do the edging and big funky buttons. i was there on saturday and had the piping in my basket, but i was disappointed in the button selection. i do not want to pay $1 a button, especially since i would have had to pay for them all individually (i wanted 8) and i only had 2 coupons with me. *smile* and then i heard the sky open, and i'd left my windows open in my car, so i had to go. when i got to the car i realized how late it was and just left my shopping cart in the store and went home. i hate doing that cuz i hated doing reshops when i worked retail, so i try to not leave them for others.

anyway, when i'm 100% done i'll be back!

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  1. That's really pretty! I love the colors - and, of course you know log cabin is my favorite block! You're doing a really great job and I can't wait to see it in person. Hmmm, I'll have to see about taking a trip to visit it. . .oh, and your and Chris and the kids! Love you!