Saturday, July 25, 2009

well...not so good....

sometimes my brilliance is hindered by my lack of skill. *smile*

isabelle's new "big girl underwear" is so adorable. the pics are on my phone which is upstairs, but just believe me that they're adorable. but either she's an incredibly heavy wetter or the waterproof capabilities of fleece are totally overrated. so far none of them are waterproof. such a bummer. and i made another pair last night that have an actual waterproof layer (a dismantled diaper wrap that i KNOW is waterproof) but they didn't fit right. for some reason they pooch in the front in a really weird way. she loved them, but i just couldn't let them go like that. so now i have to figure out what the design flaw is and get going.

and it's no wonder these things can go for $20 a pair. that's the reason we didn't just buy some to begin with when alexander was potty training. they don't cost a lot in materials, but they take a while to make, especially if you're making them by hand for real. i'm sure though, once i figure out what i'm doing things will be easier. *smile* but i'm frustrated now, cuz i can see them in my head (and online *smile*) but i can't get them to work in reality the way i want them to.

i'm not giving up! i will persevere. i will be sedulous! *smile*

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  1. LOL!! You will overcome! You will overcome!! You will overcome, today!!!!