Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bootylicious babies

well, isabelle will be 2 in a matter of weeks, and she's very "precocious". she's been wanting to go potty for about 4 months now, with much success, but we're stuck in the trap of pull-ups. and for a family that exclusively cloth diapered both kids (except for travelling), this sudden expense is really killing me. so last night i was online, and i happened across an ad for cloth training pants, and i had a eureka moment. i could make them myself! and thus bootylicious babies was born.

i went to joann's today to buy the few things i needed. and i was amazed by how easy it was. i merely pinned a pull-up in isabelle's current size to a layer of printed knit, a layer of microfleece (for waterproofing), and another layer of plain knit (for the inner lining).

i used an old cloth diaper that doesn't fit her anymore to add some absorbability between the fleece and the inner lining.

i sewed it all together...

and added some ribbed knit around the leg holes and waistband, and voila! cloth training pants!

now i just need her to wake up from her nap to see if they fit. *smile* and of course cloth diapering is very in vogue right now, so if i can get my process a little more streamlined, maybe i'll do this for other people. but right now i need to make about a dozen more for isabelle to make it through a couple of days without having to go back to disposables. we'll see what happens *smile*


  1. those are really awesome!! I see another etsy shop in your future - Bootylicious Baby is the perfect name, too!!

  2. I saw your message on the yahoo group, but haven't figured out how to reply there yet hehe.
    Firstly, wow these turned out cute!
    Microfleece is a wicking fleece, so it will not be good at all for waterproofing. The best fleeces for wicking would be poly fleece. I've heard that like the no pill from joanne's works, but it's best if you use 2 layers.
    If you wanted to keep them thin, I'd try pul outer (you can put a polyester layer over the pul for a pretty pattern if you want), microfiber for the absorbent layer (like the stuff in the auto section), it's thin and very absorbent. Or you could use hemp as an absorbent layer, or zorb from would work too. But microfiber is easiest to come by and works plenty well. Use a few layers of whichever fabric you choose.
    Then use your microfleece for the inner layer, next to baby's skin. Microfleece lets the water wick through to the under layers but has a stay dry feeling, so it is better for next to baby's skin.
    You could also try making a booster or something to shove inside if it doesn't absorb enough.