Thursday, July 30, 2009

knowledge is bliss...

well, i've learned a lot along this journey of cloth training pants creation. i've learned that not all fleece is created equal. apparently fleece is waterproof, but only if you buy the good stuff that's only available online. and microfleece is fabulous--at wicking moisture away from the baby, not keeping it inside. and they don't sell it anymore at joann's. i've also learned that there are a lot of options as far as waterproof barrier fabrics, and i'm excited to start playing with some. i've ordered some polyurithane laminate film which should be here soon that should make my assembly easier. right now i'm taking apart the old wraps that don't fit anymore, but i'm having to piece them together to make them the right size, which is very time consuming and kinda annoying. as much as i love quilting, this is not my idea of fun *smile*. and i realized that the "licensed" flannel that i bought (spongebob, scooby doo, etc) is for "non-commercial home use only." so i guess if i'm gonna be good and don't want to be arrested or sued, i can't sell it. but what if i didn't show pictures of it but just suprised ppl with it? *smile*

i made a pair of scooby doo nighttime underwear for alexander and he loved it. it fit really nicely and the pooch in the front was totally not a problem *smile*. unfortunately i have to figure out how to eliminate that for isabelle's *smile*. and i need to figure out how to make them quicker. my machine doesn't like to sew lots of layers of fabrics, which is unfortunate, cuz once you layer the inner lining, the 6-8 layers of absorbancy, the wicking layer, the waterproof layer, and the outer cover, you've got a pretty thick piece of something to sew in places. and of course i can't convince my husband that spending $1000 on a new sewing machine for another "hobby" is a good idea *smile*. i'll figure it out. my plan is to do it on the side for a while until i perfect my pattern and then put them online and when i've started making money THEN spring the idea on him instead of the way i usually do it--tell him in the beginning and then when it's a lot of fun and i'm spending far more than i'm making have to confess that maybe it wasn't a well thought out plan to begin with *smile*.

it would be nice to have a little extra income that i don't have to leave the house to make, but it's pretty time consuming. each pair takes a while to make--especially when my bobbin thread keeps breaking cuz my sewing machine is cranky. but i keep seeing viking freesias on ebay. if things go well, maybe i'll ask for one for Christmas *smile*

anyway, my final design is really adorable. i'll have to post pics next time, cuz i didn't take any yet, and they have all been worn and peed upon, so they're a little stinky (probably, tmi, but...*smile*)

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