Thursday, August 6, 2009

new bootylicious design

well, we just got back from a week-long driving vacation through beautiful, scenic ohio and what do i do? i stayed up late making another pair of cloth "big girl underwear" for isabelle, cuz i had an epiphany about my design flaw. so here it is almost 2am, but i'm so excited cuz i got it done so she can wear them first thing tomorrow, and they have baby elmo on them. *smile*

i'm really excited cuz this fabric does not specifically say that it must be used for non-commercial home use, so i think i can legitimately sell items made from it. and it's really gender non-specific. and hopefully when i see my neighbor tomorrow (really later today *smile*) i'll find that my pul film has come from wazoodle and i can see if that will make my life easier. it was shipped on 7/28, so i don't see how it could possibly not be here, unless they were walking it down from canada *smile*. but i think this will really work. i just need to see how they fit and whether or not i put in enough absorbancy. i'm tempted to get some sham-wow cuz it's amazingly absorbant and i wouldn't have to use a lot, so i'd get the absorbancy that i want without a lot of bulk. we'll see...

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