Sunday, August 23, 2009

my quilt

sorry it took me so long to post this, but i finally had a chance to take pictures of my quilt on my bed. we're gearing up for company this week, so we're doing some cleaning, so it was a good opportunity for photos *smile*

so here it is:
it's hard to take a picture of the entire thing on the bed cuz it's so big *smile*

i was particularly proud of the center blocks.

i am just really proud of myself. it turned out so nicely. it's not as warm as i'd like, but come winter i'll put our old quilt inside and voila! instant warmth *smile*. the next quilt i make, though, i'll have to research batting a little better. i was suprised how un-warm it is. it was really warm when i was making it *smile*

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