Friday, August 21, 2009


it seems that today was the day for surgery. my favorite aunt, aunt rainy, had a lump removed from her breast today, and i performed my first bottom-repair surgery on my son's teddy bear, teddy. both went well and both patients are recovering in stable condition *smile*.

my aunt's surgery made me realize that we have a history of breast cancer in our family. hunh? why did it take her lumpectomy for me to find out that she's not the first of my mother's sisters to have this problem? wow. it's very sobering, cuz i thought we were fine. my next-door neighbor is a breast cancer survivor. she's awesome. but i didn't think i knew anyone else. now, i don't think any of my aunts actually have or had breast cancer, but there's a definite history of female problems in our family. most of my female cousins have had hysterectomies because of fibroids and other "female complaints". my sister and i are the youngest of our generation, but thankfully now they have more advanced treatments. at least for some things. but for some reason none of this is talked about or discussed. of course, my mom's one of 10 and most of her siblings were very prolific, so my siblings and i have 40+ cousins in our generation, plus all of the 2nd cousins and their children *smile*. obviously it's hard to keep all this information current. but you would think that something important like a possible cancer diagnosis would be important enough to be passed down.

thankfully, though, aunt rainy is recovering peacefully and the procedure went well. we can all be grateful and thank God for that *smile*

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  1. You're right - we need to talk more about this type of stuff - actually we need to talk more period!

    PS, I'm glad the other surgery went well. It can be very stressful for surgeon, patient, and patient's best friend. I remember Mum's surgeries on Bethie - oh so stressful!!