Monday, March 30, 2009


i love shoes. i have a lot of shoes. i hesitate to call it a fetish, cuz that sounds so negative, but if the shoe fits...*smile*

i just bought a new pair of shoes online to go with my birthday/Easter dress. they're totally fabulous. my friend kellie doesn't understand how i can spend so much money on shoes without blinking, but have issues about spending a similar amount on clothes. i can't explain it. shoes make me happy in a way that clothes don't. if i have on fabulous shoes, all is right with my world. of course, i just bought robins egg blue reptile print shoes, and i currently only have one thing to go with them, so i'm gonna need to do some shopping *smile*. the outfit starts with the shoes most of the time. i really wanted to find a green Easter outfit so that i'd have an excuse to buy green shoes, cuz i don't have any *smile*. oh well. maybe next year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my birthday *smile*

so, today's my birthday. i've decided to be 29 again. *smile* it's an odd day, though, cuz it's cloudy, and my plans have fallen through, cuz my friend's daughter is sick, so i get to go shopping by myself with my kids *smile*. oh well. but i've planned a really great dinner for myself *smile*. and my husband did cook breakfast for me before he left for work this morning, which was really nice *smile*.

all of my gifts-to-self came in already, so i've celebrated myself all week. i think i've unofficially declared it my birth-week instead of just my birth-day *smile*. gotta love it *smile*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i haven't had much time to myself lately. chris has opera rehearsals usually 3 nights a week, which leaves me with the kids alot. i feel like a single parent *sigh*. and i've been trying to get them to bed earlier, which is hard by yourself, but i think it's worth it to have an hour or 2 to myself in the evening. but i have a hard time going to bed before midnight, even if i don't have to be up with one of the kids, so the mornings are hard. i've never been a morning person, so when alexander wakes up at 8am all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, i really just want to put the pillow over my head and pretend it's all a dream *smile*.

and i didn't eat well today, so i have a headache. i know better than to let myself get really hungry, cuz it never ends well. and now i have a splitting headache. but i'm making yummy soup for dinner which should be ready soon, so hopefully the evening won't be as tedious. and hopefully alexander will wake up from his rest well-rested so that we can do something fun this evening. maybe we'll make cookies. that's always fun. the little ones have their own aprons, and they like to help me cook. and making cookies is fun, cuz someone gets to lick the bowl and spoon. and with cookie dough, alexander always seems to eat more than ends up on the cookie sheet *smile*. we'll see what happens tonight *smile*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


finally! we did it! no more snack for isabelle! 2 nights in a row now she has gone to sleep without nursing. she did ask for milk tonight, though, which is fine, but she's asleep and we didn't nurse so i am celebrating *smile*. and she wants to potty like a big girl. i have a feeling that she's gonna be completely potty trained before alexander *smile*. i will be really glad to be done washing diapers. when christopher first suggested cloth diapers, i thought he was crazy. but it actually hasn't been that bad, and we may move on to pull-ups for isabelle before we make the leap to big girl underwear (although she wants to wear alexander's *smile*)

so now i have no excuse to still be awake. except that i need to put the diapers in the drier. and since i'm up, i may as well watch the daily show *smile*. and maybe eat some chocolate *smile*. and i could have an adult beverage now without worrying about making my daughter drunk *smile*. ah...such freedom!

Monday, March 9, 2009


i can't believe i'm almost 37. that seems so old. i feel like i should be mature and stuff, but i'm totally not. 37 seems so matronly. i know it's just a number, but it's such a big number. i still feel like i'm in my 20's, but obviously i'm not. and when i think about how old my kids could be if i'd had them when some of my friends did, it just boggles my mind. i don't know what i'd do with kids in high school. i'm just starting to worry about pre-school *smile*

Monday, March 2, 2009


as grossed out as i am by vomit, i'm suprised by how not grossed out i am by poop. and isabelle is a champion pooper *smile*. but one of the things that's interesting or particularly gross, depending on how you look at it, is when you use cloth diapers, you can really tell what your child's been eating and what your body actually digests *smile*. it's a challenge to rectify what you see in the diaper with what you've been feeding your child. i was convinced that i had been feeding her something that was eating away at her insides, but in reality they were grape skins. and corn is particularly gross. as are oranges. it looked like i'd just taken an orange and put it in her diaper. and since she doesn't really have any molars yet, stuff isn't as well chewed as it would be in my poop. i wonder if things would be better digested if they were better chewed? *smile*