Wednesday, March 11, 2009


finally! we did it! no more snack for isabelle! 2 nights in a row now she has gone to sleep without nursing. she did ask for milk tonight, though, which is fine, but she's asleep and we didn't nurse so i am celebrating *smile*. and she wants to potty like a big girl. i have a feeling that she's gonna be completely potty trained before alexander *smile*. i will be really glad to be done washing diapers. when christopher first suggested cloth diapers, i thought he was crazy. but it actually hasn't been that bad, and we may move on to pull-ups for isabelle before we make the leap to big girl underwear (although she wants to wear alexander's *smile*)

so now i have no excuse to still be awake. except that i need to put the diapers in the drier. and since i'm up, i may as well watch the daily show *smile*. and maybe eat some chocolate *smile*. and i could have an adult beverage now without worrying about making my daughter drunk *smile*. ah...such freedom!

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