Monday, March 30, 2009


i love shoes. i have a lot of shoes. i hesitate to call it a fetish, cuz that sounds so negative, but if the shoe fits...*smile*

i just bought a new pair of shoes online to go with my birthday/Easter dress. they're totally fabulous. my friend kellie doesn't understand how i can spend so much money on shoes without blinking, but have issues about spending a similar amount on clothes. i can't explain it. shoes make me happy in a way that clothes don't. if i have on fabulous shoes, all is right with my world. of course, i just bought robins egg blue reptile print shoes, and i currently only have one thing to go with them, so i'm gonna need to do some shopping *smile*. the outfit starts with the shoes most of the time. i really wanted to find a green Easter outfit so that i'd have an excuse to buy green shoes, cuz i don't have any *smile*. oh well. maybe next year.

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  1. I am amazed that we come from the same gene pool! I have one pair of white sneakers, a pair of snow boots, a pair of hiking boots, one pair each of black shoes and brown shoes with laces. One pair brown slip on shoes. And a pair a black sandals. Oh, and a pair of orange tennis shoes - my favorites!! Both Daddy and Mum have lots of shoes like you. Where did I come from?