Monday, March 2, 2009


as grossed out as i am by vomit, i'm suprised by how not grossed out i am by poop. and isabelle is a champion pooper *smile*. but one of the things that's interesting or particularly gross, depending on how you look at it, is when you use cloth diapers, you can really tell what your child's been eating and what your body actually digests *smile*. it's a challenge to rectify what you see in the diaper with what you've been feeding your child. i was convinced that i had been feeding her something that was eating away at her insides, but in reality they were grape skins. and corn is particularly gross. as are oranges. it looked like i'd just taken an orange and put it in her diaper. and since she doesn't really have any molars yet, stuff isn't as well chewed as it would be in my poop. i wonder if things would be better digested if they were better chewed? *smile*

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