Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pink eye

well, i have pink eye. actually, it's almost all gone, and i only have one more full day of eye drop usage, but it's totally sucked. luckily, i was the only one in the house, or of all my friends, to get pink eye, so i guess i'm not as bad about washing my hands as i thought i was *smile*. especially since i'd had it for 4 days before i went to the doctor. it would have been a nightmare if one of the kids had gotten it. i can barely remember to use the eye drops myself. if i'd had to do the kids that would have really sucked *smile*

but, i love wearing makeup, and i not only haven't been able to wear any, but i had to throw away everything that i had been using since i got pink eye (which i just thought were my allergies acting up *smile*). luckily i had been feeling particularly lazy and hadn't felt like putting on my face, so i'd only worn makeup one day before i realized what was wrong. but i had to throw away my incredibly expensive estee lauder mascara that vibrates and it's totally fabulous. i'm very sad about that *smile*. but i now need to go shopping for new foundation and mascara. luckily i'd decided to use a different brush and eye shadow the one day i did put on makeup, thinking that if my eyes were already bothering me from my allergies, that using my bare escentuals (which make my eyes itch anyway *smile*) would not be a good idea. so i used an eye shadow that i don't use often and a different brush. as christopher says, i'm expensive *smile*

but the last time they were having free gift with purchase, i fell in love with this new mascara from estee lauder that has a little battery in the handle, and it vibrates as you apply it, so that it separates the lashes and makes them longer and thicker looking. i totally love it. but it's really expensive, so i think i may have to go back to max factor for a while *smile*. and i need to find a new mary kay lady to get some more foundation. i had been using something i found on qvc (since bare minerals makes me itch *smile*), but i really like mary kay the best. unfortunately, all the mary kay ladies i know personally aren't selling anymore, so i'll have to find someone on line or something. it doesn't really make sense to pay to reactivate myself and then place a $400 order just to get a $15 tube of foundation *smile*

i've got another day to figure it out, since i can't wear makeup again until friday, so hopefully i'll know what i'm doing by then. i wonder how much it would cost to overnight something from qvc? *smile*

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