Thursday, February 4, 2010

oops! it's a guy!

i love to read. i read a lot. usually i borrow books from my friend kellie, but she only reads regency romances, and i like other stuff, too, so sometimes i hafta go to the library. of course when we got there today, alexander found out they don't have a thomas table and wondered why we were bothering *smile*.

but i went today, and when i look for books, i tend to look for certain publishers and book cover types. most of the books i like (that aren't regency romances *smile*) are by red dress ink or kensington. they tend to be the larger paperbacks. roughly the same size as a hardback book, but paperback. in the book world they're called trade paperbacks (i think. it's been a while since i worked at borders *smile*).

so i went today in search of new reading material. and i don't read the back cover blurb, either. i just look for an appropriately sized paperback book with an interesting looking cover and title and go. especially when i'm with the kids. i usually get between 5 & 10 books in about 10 minutes, so that i don't have to worry about the book sucking -- i've got something else to choose from. but i don't think that red dress ink even publishes men, and i didn't think kensington did either, BUT I WAS WRONG!!! i was on my way to the car when something said "look at me..." i looked and saw that one of my books was written by not 1, but 2 MEN!!!

as a general rule, i don't read books written by men. oh, sure, i know that some of my romance novels are probably written by men who use a pen name, but i don't need to know about that. there's a couple of science fiction/fantasy writers i like and a couple of african american authors i like, but they are few and far between. actually the only ones i can think of right now on the spot are eric jerome dickey (who i stopped reading a couple of books ago cuz i didn't like him anymore) and robert heinlein.

so i'm going to stretch myself and START with my men book tonight. we'll see how it goes. that's what i get for judging a book by it's cover :)

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