Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heavenly Creations

well, i've started my new business venture--jewelry design *smile*. i've got my site up: and i actually have items for sale, so we'll see what happens. i've got a lot more stuff, but i just chose my favorites to see what happens. they charge a fee for each item you post, so i figured i'd start small and go from there. i do plan to start a new blog, though, just for my jewelry, and i can post more pics there for free, so keep your eyes open for beauty to enter your life *smile*.

on a completely unrelated note, isabelle has had on panties for over 2 hours and has pottied twice and her panties are stil dry. i'm very excited. we were in the car, and she had to hold it for about 5 minutes until we got home so she could potty. thank you nana for the big girl panties *smile*

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