Thursday, May 14, 2009


my sister keeps busting my chops cuz i don't blog everyday. well, neither does she *smile*. but i've been really busy lately trying to get a new creative endeavor underway. i'm pretty excited about it, but it's amazing how much work goes into getting things off the ground.

i'm now set up at selling jewelry. well, kinda *smile*. i've set up my "shop" but i haven't had a chance to download the photos or anything, so there's no items there to sell yet *smile*. i'll get there. it took me forever to figure out what my paypal password was so that i could get that added on. now all i need to do is download the photos and decide how much i'm charging for everything and start rackin' in the dough *smile*. hopefully i'll have a chance to finish before i go to bed tonight, and then i'll post it on facebook. i also have to take pics of the stuff i've got on display at the salon so that i can post it on line as well. that and finish the laundry and get my eyes examined tomorrow and go to the gym and feed my family and clean the house and run the vacuum and...*smile*

anyway, i think my break is over. i have to check on christopher and the kids. i can't leave them unattended for too long or they'll start running amok *smile*

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