Sunday, January 31, 2010

death & taxes

this year's taxes are going to be the death of me. i just spent almost 2 hours on the phone with turbo tax -- 45 minutes on hold, and the rest chatting with a really nice girl from iowa -- about the problem we're having trying to do our taxes online this year. what a pain in the patootey!

we're filing married filling separately this year so we can get a reduction in our student loan payments. and it's not as bad as i thought it would be -- christopher's still getting a decent refund and i don't owe as much as i thought i would. but there's some kind of glitch in the turbo tax online software that won't let me in to edit the state return so i can efile the whole thing. i've been done with the federall since forever, and i've just been waiting to figure out what's up with the state! incredibly frustrating. but my new friend from iowa hooked me up with a download of the state return so i can finish christophers, but she also clued me in to the fact that it'll be cheaper to buy the desktop version cuz you can file 5 returns with it, whereas online you have to pay for each return individually. i think i need to make a trip to target this evening! *smile*

and just becuz my life had been flowing along so smoothly, i now have pink eye! what a joy! my eyeball hurts so badly that i just want to take it out and throw it against a wall! i just can't catch a break!

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  1. Sorry about your eye, hope it feels better real soon. I haven't started our tax return yet. Not my favorite task.