Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh! the pain!

i do pilates twice a week. and when you skip, it hurts. i took off the week between Christmas and New Years, not intentionally, but becuz we were at grandma's house the monday after Christmas and something came up that wednesday. so this week, when we went back to our regular schedule, i went back to pilates both monday & wednesday.

mondays always hurt, but when you've taken a week off, they hurt more than usual. but it's just regular pain. sometimes we use little hand weights, but most of the time it's just stability balls. they get heavy, but it's nothing compared to wednesdays. on wednesdays we use the body bars. we all rush to class to get there early cuz there's only five 6 pound body bars, and you don't want to get stuck with a 9 or, heaven forbid, a 12 pound body bar. you'd think that 6 pounds would be nothing, but today my shoulders and obliques are KILLING me!!! oh my goodness! it makes me realize that i missed the wednesday before Christmas as well *smile*

my pilates instructor is awesome. she's this little 5' bundle of energy. i don't think she weights 100 pounds. but she's ripped. and she can do all the exercises and talk at the same time. there are some times that i can't even breathe. and i've been going for over a year and still can't do all of the outer thigh workout. she's seriously hard-core *smile*. but even she, herself, has said on occasion: "this is when i would stop if i were on my living room floor" *smile* she also does a class called bodies in motion, which is jumping up and down for 45 minutes, and one called cardio variety, which almost put me in the hospital. it reminded me of the time my mom went to an aerobics class and ended up in the emergency room. the one time i took cardio variety i literally had to stop and go outside holding onto the wall becuz i was gonna pass out. i felt the heat rising and i was going down if i didn't stop jumping up and down. *smile* needless to say, i haven't been back *smile*

but even though pilates hurts, i really like the way my clothes fit. and since i can't afford another new wardrobe, i've got to do what i can to stay in the clothes i've got and still feed my candy addiction *smile*

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  1. Good For you for sticking with it...even when it hurts....I think Pilates may be what I turn to when I have my get back to fightin form