Monday, January 25, 2010

i am not a hoarder -- i just like to have a lot of stuff *smile*

my husband is convinced that i'm a hoarder, just becuz when we started dating i had piles of stuff and paths through my apartment. i'm really not. i just have issues with getting rid of things. and i like to acquire things. my current acquisitional obsession is beads and my online store of choice is lima beads. they're awesome! they're having a month-long sale where they posted a crossword puzzle at the beginning of the month and every day's clue tells you what's on sale. you could print out the crossword puzzle and do it ahead of time so that you knew which days to shop. it's been really amazing and really bad at the same time. their prices are awesome and the quality of stuff is awesome, so i've been doing a lot of shopping lately. good thing i've got a major project i'm working on where i need a variety of product, cuz i've got a huge variety of beads now *smile*.

beads are really the only thing i'm collecting at the moment. i've really let go of my shoe collection, cuz i've realized that i only wear my heels at church and the rest of the time i rotate between 3 pairs of birkenstock. and with clothes, i donate regularly to my church's rummage sale so that i have space to replace. i do a lot of shopping at the rummage sale as well. i like to help out, cuz then you get to shop ahead of the actual sale and get all the good stuff. and i figure that if i'm paying "full" price, then it's all good (but is there ever really a way to justify $3 as full price for a suit or suede jacket? *smile*)

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