Thursday, January 28, 2010

calgon -- take me away!

some days, when alexander wakes up, i know that we're in for it. today was one of those days. the fact that it's 8:30 and both kids are in bed asleep kinda says a lot. the fact that he didn't take a nap today was just a minor portion of today's specialness. he woke up in one of those moods today. almost like in his sleep he was abducted by aliens who decided to see how many of mommy's buttons could be pressed simultaneously before my head explodes. *smile*

it started as soon as he woke up. he hadn't even made it all the way downstairs before he started whining: "mommy, i'm hungry!" which, of course inspired his sister to join in the refrain. today was not a day that we had any concrete plans, and i, frankly, was feeling completely uninspired to really move from bed. but i've got the whining twins downstairs demanding food, so...*sigh*

but feeding them didn't make it better. instead of cereal (cuz we were running out of milk) i made toast and scrambled eggs. but every other second there was something wrong that caused the throwing of napkins and shoving away of bowls and spoons. if not for my meds today i would have found myself in jail for baby-maiming. *smile*

lunch was marginally better, and by the time we finally made it to the grocery store, i just ignored everything except what was on the shelves, prices, and how much cash i had in my pocket. but when we got home and he decided he didn't want to nap, i decided that it was a battle i wasn't prepared to fight today. he was actually decent while isabelle was asleep. we cuddled on the couch and read our new national geographic magazine (thanks, grampa! *smile*) and learned about new animals and stuff.

but come dinnertime, the aliens regained control. by dinner i'm usually done cuz i've dealt with it all day, but christopher is fresh from his other battlefield and ready to pick up the baton. sorry, alexander. daddy wasn't in the mood to deal with the bouncing, humming child not eating his dinner. and then when the after-dinner hitting and cup throwing commenced, it was all over. after the smoke cleared, alexander was crying and in his pj's and isabelle was angelic and coloring. it was about 7:15 when i kissed alexander goodnight, and he hasn't been heard from since, which is amazing. and isabelle followed shortly after, cuz her juice tasted funny. i convinced her that if she just went to bed, that in the morning everything would be ok. *smile* i wonder how much longer that'll work? *smile*

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