Thursday, January 21, 2010

...the icing on the cake...

and to top it all off, i have a sinus infection. i went to my favorite place today, med express, and got an official diagnosis of why i feel so craptastic. i really wish moms got sick days, cuz i could really use a day in bed tomorrow *smile*

but i am really excited cuz i have a new jewelry venture coming up. starting at the beginning of february i'll be selling my things at a store called crafted treasures here in monroeville, pa! i'm super excited about it! it's like a perpetual craft show that i don't have to do anything for *smile*. look for more info on my other blog. i've got a ton of stuff to do to get ready for it, lots of stuff to make and inventory and get tags on and stuff. and i have to get my husband to agree with me on my design and display choices. this was much easier when it was my project by myself *smile*

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