Thursday, January 21, 2010

HELP!!! i'm being held hostage!

by my children, of course. more specifically, my son who has pink eye.

pink eye sucks. especially in a kid, cuz he doesn't understand the need to wash his hands constantly and not touch things and not rub his eyes. it started in his right eye and has spread to his left eye. we spent the entire day in the house yesterday and i can't do it again! my friend michele is coming over today so i can go to the store and replenish our meager rations. God bless her!

of course, we didn't leave the house at all yesterday, which sucked as well. and they really want to go somewhere today, but i'm waiting for a call from the pediatrician to find out if we're still contagious since he spread it to his other eye. hence my call to michele. I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

i missed pilates on monday, cuz it was a holiday so we did something together since chris was home. and i was in quarantine yesterday. i wanted to go to the gym and just get on the elliptical machine or something when chris got home, but i went to the store instead. maybe today.

and of course the stuff i blew out of my nose this morning was a color not to be discussed. but mommies don't get sick days, so...can i call a temp or something? *smile*

gotta take a shower so i can go out in public. bleh!


  1. Pink eye does suck!! When the boys were younger, we went through a few bouts of it. Being house-bound is the worst part. They do get over it and do get to the point where they get sick less often and pink eye isn't a problem. Hang in there.

  2. Awww, poor thing! I don't remember any of the three of us having pink eye, but my coworkers kids get it all the time! My hopes for you: 1. That Alex gets over it quickly. 2. That Isabelle, you, and Chris don't get it (oh & Michele) and 3. you get over whatever you're getting.